Kevin Zweerink

I am an independent designer, developer, and illustrator based in Richmond, Virginia. I spent the past two years working as a product designer at The New York Times, where I was a central part of the team that launched the first major redesign of the NYT home page.

Now, I’m looking for freelance work. In the past, I’ve worked at Friends of The Web, a small digital agency in Baltimore, and interned at Facebook. If you have a project you think we could work together on, get in touch.

I can help with:

  • Product design
  • Editorial design
  • Front-end dev
  • Node.js projects
  • Illustration


NTYPE is a website that allows the user to explore 4th-dimension projection through type. I created a basic set of letterforms, and then wrote an application with Three.js that extrudes and rotates the letters in 4D space, and projects them back into 3D.

2015 • Personal Project

Newseful was my thesis project in school. I designed, developed, and released a set of open-source components to quickly add interactivity to breaking news coverage, with an emphasis on making them accessible to non-technical reporters.

2015 • School Project

At Friends of The Web, I helped design, the type foundry of Tobias Frere-Jones.

2015 • Frere-Jones Type • Under Andy Mangold at Friends of The Web

Prints, Illustrations, &c.


Please send all project inquiries, friendly greetings, book recommendations, and personal questions to: